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The Goddess Lucy 3 – Jailbreak

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Part 3 of The Goddess Lucy is now available to read for FREE! 24 pages of female muscle growth action, written by Gribble with artwork by Boogie!

Brandi is making some new – and bigger – friends with her new powers, and nothing seems to be able to stand in her way! But when Lucy gets wind of her plans the stage is set for a showdown of the goddesses, in The Goddess Lucy – Jailbreak!

And if you’ve not read the previous issue yet, you can find it for FREE here!

Oh! Haha..!

Oh Ling, I’m so turned on right now.
Me too Vanessa, I…
Shhhh… no talking, just fuck me!

Oh uh… we didn’t um…
Ling, Vanessa… Get rid of these people and stand guard, I don’t want anymore interruptions!
Yes mistress!
Right away mistress!
How dare you bugs disturb the mistress!?!
You fools are not even worthy of looking at her!
Hey Ling did you notice that we keep saying Mistress?
Yeah, but it just seems right… It’s like I’d do anything for her now, even kill people.

A little later…
Not bad, in fact it was the best sex I ever had… with a guy at least. Hmmm, that reminds me… Vanessa, Ling… come here!
Yes Mistress?
What is your desire Mistress?
Well first drop the Mistress, from now on call me Goddess! Secondly, where’s Heather? She’s normally here with you two working out.
Heather got into a fight again last night Goddess.
Yeah and the police arrested her, she’s in a holding cell at the police station Goddess.
Oh really? Well they won’t be able to hold her much longer. Let’s go!

I told her to come here and she disobeyed me! I should have killed her… I’m GOING to kill her!
Please Goddess, let me kill her for you she isn’t worthy of your attention.
No I’ll do it, she’s more powerful than you, Mary and Tom put together. But first we have to find her!
Goddess! Goddess! I know where Brandi is right now!
I saw her on TV. She’s attacking the police station and…there are other super women with her!
WHAT?!? She must be able to make other people strong too!

Is that all yo fucking insects can do It doesn’t even tickle! Hahahahaha!
Keep firing men!
Hmmm interesting idea…
We just have to hold out until the army gets here!
But I don’t think ONE army will be enough!
Why are you hiding? These fools can’t hurt us! We serve the Goddess!
Yeah, it’s like they’re shooting us with bubbles!
Well the bullets do bounce off me but it hurts a lot, I guess I’m not as tough as you are.

Enough fun for now, time to get Heather.
Fall back to the courthouse! We’ll let the army take care of them!
You, what’s your name?
Ma… Maria.
Well Maria, looks like you got left behind… You arrested a woman named Heather last night. Where is she?
It… it wasn’t me! I… I just… She’s in there!

What is going on out there?!? Sounded like world war three for a while!
Ling… Vanessa… BRANDI! What are… ? How did…?
Just shut up and come closer.
What… what did you do to… ?!?

I feel so strong!

Is anyone else as horny as I am right now!?!
Probably, seems to be a side-effect. Not that anyone’s complained so far. Oh and another side-effect is that you’re pretty much my slave now.
But you always were my lesbian bitch anyway so just call me Goddess now and we’ll all be happy.
Yes Goddess.
Let’s go, I want to make more super slaves before Lucy finds out I tricked her.
Lucy? That little bitch who slept with Dan? Why are you worried about her Goddess?
She’s the only person in the world stronger than I am now, but maybe I can make enough super slaves to even the odds.
She can’t be stronger than you Goddess, and even if she was couldn’t you just use that glowing hand on yourself and get stronger?

Use it on myself? I never thought of that! I wonder if it would… ?
There you are! How dare you disobey me!?! And who are all these other people?!? I’m the only one allowed to make new super people! If you won’t obey me then I’m going to have to…
Oh shut up and shove this up your ass bitch! On second thought I have a better place for it…


Holy… she used the glowing hand trick on herself! I didn’t know we could…
I’ll deal with Lucy, you guys take her pets.
This is for calling me a wimp!

I’m the only goddess around here, got it!?! I’m the strongest! I’m the…
You did get stronger…
but I’m still stronger than you!
And once I use this on myself I’ll be even stronger!
Goddess… uukk… help… us!
Hmmm they’ve got us outnumbered…

This should even the odds!

Look at me! I’m so… incredible!
Admire yourself later, help my slaves!
Yes Goddess!
Now it’s my turn…
Now it’s my turn…

You might still be a little stronger than me but it won’t be enough to save you!
You were saying?
Bring it on bitch!
You never did know when to quit.

Wha… What happened?

My head… I…
Forgive me Goddess, I see now that Brandi was a mere mortal.
Yes, let us serve you Goddess.
Hmmm… looks like Brandi’s hold over them is gone, she must be dead.
You can serve me but never forget that I am your Goddess!
Yes Goddess!
Come on, we’re leaving.

Wha… ?
Oh my god… they killed Tom and the new guy!
You bastards!
Ok, if that’s the way it’s going to be…

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