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The Goddess Lucy 2 – Brandi Punches Back

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Our recreation of FemFortefan’s classic “Super Lucy” female muscle growth series continues with The Goddess Lucy – Brandi Strikes Back!

Having caused the accident that transformed Lucy into a muscular goddess in the first place, Brandi knows exactly how to gain that same power for herself, and decides to undergo her own fmg transformation! Now it’s goddess vs goddess as the two most powerful women in the world face off against each other! Who will come out on top? Find out below!

Based on the original script written by Gribble, with artwork by Boogie.

And if you’re a Premium subscriber you can check out the third issue right here!

Moments later…
Come on Mary push harder!
I’m pushing as hard as I can Susan!
Is that all you got?
I guess even two super women are no match for a goddess!
Found them. I knew my old roommate left some of his clothes here. Good thing he was a fat tub of lard.
I’ll get it.
Hello? Oh it’s you. What? I don’t think… fine. It’s for you mistress.

Huh… Why did I just call her mistress?
I don’t know but it just feels right doesn’t it?
Yeah, it does. I’d do anything for her.
Brandi?!? Listen bitch I… what? You know my secret? What are you… Huh? Meet you at the… HELLO?!?!?
What is it mistress?
I have to stop her!

I can’t wait to see her face when I… WHA..?!?!
Well that was fast!
GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW! Don’t even think about…
Too late, I have thought about it, a lot in fact. If this stuff gave you huge muscles and super strength… imagine what it will do to me!

YES! It’s already working! I can feel it! I can feel the…


NO! What have you done!?!
It’s not fair! You’re even bigger than me!
Bigger… and STRONGER!
I’m going to enjoy this!
I doubt that!

Just for that… I’m going to beat you to death… TWICE!
Bring it on!
You might as well give up, you can’t beat me!
I’ll never give up!
You don’t get it! I’ve wanted this kind of power all my life, you don’t even deserve it!

Seriously, I doubt you even have a clue about what to do with this power!
Well I do. I’m going to take over the world and rule it like the goddess I have become!
At last I have the power I’ve always dreamed of and nothing can stop me… Especially not a weakling like you!
Don’t bet on it you stupid bitch!


Now then where were we… Oh yeah.
NO! Stay back or I’ll…
HA! I didn’t even feel that! Now let’s see if it works in reverse…
Yeah, still didn’t feel anything.

Is… uugghh… is that all… Aaaghhh… you…
Time to finish this!


Had enough super wimp?
Ye.. Yes.
That’s ‘Yes Goddess’, got it?
Good, serve me and you can live, but never forget I am your goddess now.
Now go back to the other slaves and wait for my commands.
Yes of course Goddess!

Oh yeah, I could get used to being obeyed at all times.
Hmmm, I am the most powerful person EVER now, maybe I should rule the world…
But first I’ll make sure no one else can use this place.

Moments later…

Who does that bitch Lucy think she is, giving me orders like that!?!
But… she’s so strong.. Mmmm, just thinking about how strong she is now makes my nipples hard.
Shit I’m so horny, I… Hey, that’s my gym! Maybe Heather or one of the other girls is there. Wait till they see me now!

Come on, push Vanessa! One more!
I… can’t Ling… it’s too heavy!
Here let me help…
Well say something.

You… You’re HUGE!
Yeah and… NAKED!
Huh? Oh I guess I am… I didn’t even realize it.
But honestly why would I want to cover this body anyways?
Shit! What happend to you?!?
Yeah how did you get so big and strong!?!
Well it’s a long…
Ok who’s the idiot throwing barbells!?!
That thing almost… almost… uh… WOAH!
Well hello there handsome? I have an itch that I need scratched…

Su… sure!
Can I use your scratching stick?
What the… I’m glowing!
Hmmmm… that explains Tom and those other two women… I wonder…

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