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The Goddess Lucy 4 – Outside Intervention

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The fourth chapter of The Goddess Lucy is now available to read for FREE!

With Brandi defeated, Lucy’s army of super-strong muscle women are rampaging unopposed; and not even the actual army can stop them!

Desperate for a way to combat the super women, the military turns to the woman who created the treatment process for the toxic waste that was originally responsible for Brandi and Lucy’s amazing transformations: doctor Cheryl Williams.

Will she be able to come up with a solution? Or perhaps it’s time for some Outside Intervention, in the latest female muscle growth and super-strength-filled chapter of The Goddess Lucy! And be sure to check out the previous chapter here if you’re not already caught up, also available for FREE!

Written by Gribble, artwork by Boogie.

Hahahaha! Go ahead and run, but soon you will all bow down to me!

Soon the entire world will belong to the Goddess Lucy!

Two weeks later…
So to sum up sir, we’ve tried everything from poison to an experimental microwave cannon, nothing seems to affect her. In my opinion, General, I doubt even a nuke would do more than just piss the Goddess Lucy… er I mean HER off, sir.
What about that other woman, the one we recovered from the battle at the police station? Any progress with her?
Any news from the spies yet?
Well that just leaves you, as the person responsible for all this I hope you have good news.
Well sir, her name was… IS Brandi and she’s still in the coma. We haven’t been able to run any useful tests because she’s just as invulnerable. Even the X-rays we tried to take failed because her body is so dense, sir.
No sir, at first we thought they were just waiting to get away without being discovered but it now seems that they’ve become loyal super slaves of hers. We still have no idea how she’s even transforming and controlling people.
First of all General, as I have stated before, I am not responsible for what’s happened. I only created the toxic waste treatment process and never expected…

Save your excuses woman, just tell me you’ve made progress in the experiments.
For the last time my name isn’t WOMAN, it’s Cheryl! But you will call me DOCTOR Williams or I will…
I’m in charge here and I’ll call you Bozo the Clown if I want! Now give me a report or I’ll have you locked up for the rest of your life!
What?!? But… Arrrgghhh! Fine! No progress with the experiments. i’ve watched the recovered security footage from the waste plant and recreated every possible condition.
But so far, none of the soldiers we’ve exposed to the waste has shown any sign of change or…
Damn it woman, we’re at war and we’re losing! This Lucy woman has recently taken over the governor’s mansion and has practically turned it into a super slave factory!
Her army is growing by the hundreds each day and we have no way of stopping them or even her for that matter! We need our own super humans! We need this to work! Now get back to the lab and do something!

This is ridiculous! I don’t think I can take anymore of that idiotic General and his fucking ego! Maybe if he’d let me have some help I might be able to figure this thing out.
Well standing around here talking to myself isn’t helping either. I better get a sample of the waste and try to figure out what we’re doing wrong.
Hmm… Maybe it was a mistake to make the container out of glass, or maybe Lucy and Brandi were wearing some kind of perfume that… Shit, I forgot my gloves.
Oh well, not like this stuff works anyway. Still I wouldn’t want to get any on…

Oh no! I lost my balance and fell in! Can’t… reach… the top! FUCK! It’s like being in quicksand! I’m being pulled under… HELP!
I’m ALIVE! But… where’s the waste! What’s happening to all the…
Oh shit! I think… I think I absorbed it all!


I feel Invincible!
No I don’t feel invincible… I AM INVINCIBLE!
Mmmm… So strong now… so BIG… But it’s not enough! I want more! MORE!
Oooohhhh! I feel… I feel like I’m….

That’s Goddess now!
You pathetic insect!
Oh my god! She killed the general!

All units open fire!
You’re all nothing but insects now! Not even worth my notice…
There’s only one person on this planet that might be able to challenge me…
The so called ‘goddess’ Lucy… Hmph… I’ll show her a real GODDESS!
Once I crush her nothing will be able to stop me from ruling the world!

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