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The Curse – Spellbound

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The first of a two-part story, The Curse: Spellbound is finally available to read for free, with support for English, Spanish, German and Chinese languages too!

When the mystic Madame Xanadu catches her partner cheating on her with Amy, a girl he met at a bar, she casts a spell to have her transform into the ideal fantasy woman of the first man who sees her! As she attempts to avoid the curse, Amy runs into a man who fantasizes about super-powered, hugely muscular, ultra-smart women! Has she found a way to turn the tables on the person who cursed her? You can find out below!

And keep an eye out for the concluding part going free on our site in the future!

Written by Gribble, artwork by Boogie.

That was definitely the best sex from a random hookup at a bar I have ever had.
Oh and my name is Amy in case you..
AHA! I caught you, you cheating bastard!
Uh-oh! I mean… Hey darling I was just uh… this woman here um… yeah I got nothing.
What the… ?
Oh you’re going to have nothing alright… I’m going to curse your dick so that it falls off!
Oh wow this is so embarrassing. He didn’t tell me he was involved with anyone. I’m so sorry. I’ll just show myself out and let you two…
Yeah, actually this is my first time doing something like this, but I just felt this connection between us.

Not so fast you slut! No one makes a fool of Madame Xanadu without regretting it!
It’s gonna fall off! It’s gonna fall off! It’s gonna fall off!
Hey now. There’s no need for that. Just put the knife away and we can talk…
I offer my blood to the eldritch beings from before time began and invoke upon you the Jezebel curse!
Every day you will go out and transform into the ideal woman of the first man that sees you and be compelled to fulfill his sexual fantasy.
Now get the fuck out of my bedroom and suffer the life of a perpetual whore
You’re fucking crazy!

Wow! That was a crazy situation!
From now on no more sleeping with a guy until I get to know him first.
Hey babe why don’t you and me go into the alley and fuck! Hehehe!
Ughhh… just ignore the pig and keep walking…
Oohhh I feel… weird…

Whatever you want, big man!
Fuck yeah! Let’s do this!
Wait! What’s happening! What am I saying? What am I doing?!?!
I’m gonna fuck you so hard, cum will shoot out your ears
Mmmm… I’m getting wet just thinking about it.
I can’t control myself!
I can’t wait to suck that huge cock of yours!

Months later…
Wha… Oh right, I remember… this is my life now.
This is the third slutty nun I’ve turned into this month. Since I have control of myself I guess the guy slipped out already.
At least I’m home, trying to make it back here from a cheap motel or something is almost impossible.
Ah sunrise, my favorite part of the day.

I have about six hours before the curse forces me to leave the house.
Not sure how much more of this fucking curse I can take. Eventually I’ll burn through my life savings, then how will I pay for things?
I’m starving… feel like I haven’t eaten anything but cum for a week. Fuck! I forgot to have groceries delivered this week.
Guess I better do it now.

A little later…
Grocery delivery.
Thank you, just leave it all outside the door. I’ll get it in a moment
Alright he left. Now to grab these as quickly as possible.
Oh hello, I was just leaving when I noticed there was a mistake with your order.
FUCK! I didn’t even make it for one hour today.

I’m the strongest and smartest woman in the world!

You puny stupid man. You’re inferior to me in every way and that turns me on!
Woah! This is new. What kind of fantasy does he have?
Yes! I’m so weak and dumb!
You’re going to watch me lift weights and explain quantum physics!
You’re the greatest woman in the world! I’m not worthy!
Fuck! I’m so strong and I think I’m actually a genius now too!
Then after I get a good pump and you’ve learned some things, we’ll fuck all day and night!
One of the most important principles underlying quantum physics is that of wave-particle duality. Quantum objects have both particle-like properties…

A few hours later…
I’ll give the man credit he lasted longer than most before falling asleep from exhaustion. I hope he sleeps ok in his car.
Now this is a fantasy body I can live with! Now that I’m a genius I realize I could actually use this curse to my advantage.
I’ve been too afraid of the gypsy to confront her and make her remove the curse. But maybe I can transform into someone powerful enough to force her to do it.
I have about twenty hours until my genius intellect wears off at sunrise. Plenty of time to do some research and make some plans.

The next day…
I can’t believe I’m actually going to transform on purpose. It seemed like a good idea when I was a genius but now I’m not so sure
Well he’s here… time to see if this is gonna work.
Hello, are you Amy? We chatted online yesterday. My name is…
What the… glasses? Is that it? Online he said he was into…
I have a confession to make… Amy is just my secret identity. But in reality I am…

SUPERIOR WOMAN! The most powerful hero in the universe
I have the strength to juggle planets!

HNGG.. Ugh..
HOLY FUCK! He creamed his pants just from looking at me and then passed out!

Haha! It worked! It actually worked! I have real fucking super powers
I feel invincible! That gypsy bitch is gonna regret fucking with me!

You are gonna remove this fucking curse or I’m gonna rip off your arms and shove them up your ass!
Sugano repevgar! That should hold you until…

By the dark ones… The bands of Grumar are supposed to be unbreakable!
Please. Nothing on this Earth can stop me now.
Undo the curse!
Yes! Of course! I just need something from my safe in the back room.

Hurry the fuck up!
Just a moment more
Will that remove the curse?
No. This is a rare potion made from ingredients that are now extinct. I’ve been saving it for an emergency like this

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