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The Bar

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From fan-favourite artist Bulushon and writer Shadowninja comes another original female muscle growth comic, The Bar, now available to read for FREE!

When Sandra decides to take her boyfriend Philip to a rather rough bar, they run afoul of notorious – and mousclebound – homewrecker Debbie! But when she attempts to steal Sandra’s man and humiliate her, Sandra decides to show her what REAL muscle looks like!

Featuring over 30 pages of female muscle growth action from Bulushon and Shadowninja!

Okay, Sandra this might just be stretching it…
What do you mean Philip? The place is a little rough, but I’m sure we can have a good time here.
Are you sure about this place?
Yeah! You’ll see, it will be fun. Besides, I can show you my pool tricks.

Wait, You know pool tricks?
Okay,I know one pool trick. But I’ll show you come on, it will be fun
Whatever you say, Sandra

Two beers, please.

Ooh boy, You’re in trouble
I am? What’s going on?
That there is Debbie Anderson. She’s… Kind of a man-eater.

Yeah, we call her DD-Debbie.
I can see why.
Just wanted to warn you. You’re about to get into trouble.
Hey, Handsome… How nice to have you here
Uh. Hello

My name’s Debbie.
And you are?
Philip, Ma’am.
Ma’am? Wow… You’re so cute. A real gentleman. We get those rarely around here. I’m just glad you are here…
Hey, Debbie, how about you leave my man alone?
We’re trying to enjoy our beers and I don’t need a homewrecker to ruin my day

Say Philip, Would you like to help me?
I’ve been feeling a bit sore lately, and I heard that gentlemen can be a real help there…
I could… Where are you sore?
Oh here…
I could really stand a massage….

Stop this!
Shouldn’t this be Philip’s choice?
You know people can decide who they want to be with?
Wow! This is so cute! You’re almost strong, you know?

Okay, Little Lady, I can see that you are upset, and that you don’t mind to touch
So how about we settle this now
Here it is: We’re gonna do this, the way problems are cleared around here. Best of three!

That’s one-nothing skinny girl.

This is even more potent than I remember!
I Love It!


What is going on?

How are you doing this?

I guess we are even now
Uh…Uh… What the hell just happened?
You lost, BITCH!

This wasn’t a dream right?
People don’t just sprout random muscle like that.
Something must have happened in the few moments that girl had been here

What we have here?…

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