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Soviet SuperWoman – FMG animation

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Artist A. Hiem put this female muscle growth piece together. I think we should make a follow up, perhaps another injection.

So, Soviet SuperWoman was a character that has been around for a long while, and I decided to change my stance from lurker to participant in the page. I was thinking of doing a wall mounted monitor from soviet times, but didnt communicate it all the way to the artist originally, so we started with something that looked like a new mac computer, until we made another mod.

I wanted to have her face look super pretty, but after focusing on other parts, we sort of left that part behind. Now came time to try to decide how the female muscle growth would go. First we thought of a ray or a potion, which is a very typical growth vessel, but than came to mind the common doping scandals that plagued the Soviets during the Olympics.

Rather than going with outright steroids, we elected to do just a simple syringe with a mystery formula. In the comics, we needed to add something more fictional and make instant growth more plausible.

The last part that we wanted to put some accent on was the costume. Rather than having the thing shred, which Im sure many people would have liked, we decided to embellish the costume more by having the cape grow. If there was more time added to this one, we would have made the hammer/sickle logo more ornamental or gothic looking. Another thing is that we would have had the bangs go down a bit more, the boots and gloves lengthen in certain areas and the belt change around perhaps. The reason why it was OK not to do this, in our minds, is that we leave it open for ANOTHER growth piece, where these things DO happen.

Lastly, about the Russian – we know its wrong, but being that this character is mostly, or seemingly done by non-Russian/CIS artists, we decided that it would be a little more humorous to have it as broken Russian with subtitles.

If we do another female muscle growth animation or still with her, were going to have:

  • those costume changes noted above
  • biceps pushing out more so than the other body parts
  • a more visceral face animation (mild pain instead of pleasure)
  • some strength feats

Want to see this piece go down! Us too – let us know how you feel

soviet superwoman fmg


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