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Schedule for the rest of the year (2022)

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Hey everyone, hope all is well as the seasons begin to change.

Main Comics – The Goddess Lucy and The Mysterious Book will be released each month to premium users, alternating issues until the year closes, which means 2 issues left for each of them.

Nusrul – We are done working Doom Girl and Rogue and hopefully will be moving into a new story called SuperCEO right about now. What is nice about this art is that it provides some comic pages weekly in between the big comic releases. Its a bit challenging to keep this pace up, but the goal is to produce quality content often and we are on it.

Animations – yes, more of them on the way, but who should we do next? put it in the comments

The Quiz page, have you checked that out? Its certianly a pricey experiement but if the people like it, we will continue.

Lots of one offs, single page commissions, realistic artists tests and more

Here is an idea that we have been thinking – as we continue to bring in new artists, put them in a fun competition against each other for “the best FMG artist” of the month


5 thoughts on “Schedule for the rest of the year (2022)”

  1. For animations I’d love to see anime characters like Lucy and Erza from Fairy Tail or Seri from K project, or the many girls from One Piece.

    Excited for all that’s coming up. Love what you do!

  2. I’m really pumped with the quiz let’s hope you continue with that idea love the prospect of voting for the changes in the characters like we did on the Heidi comic

  3. Thought I posted here already but it says I didn’t so, in terms of ideas for animations, I’d love to see more anime characters like Lucy and Erza from Fairy Tail, or Seri from K project, or the trio of Nami, Robin, and Boa Hancock from One Piece.

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