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Its all about, the payoff

Had a good chat with an artist recently. Talked about the art of making good comic.

The first comics series we made Growth Gun Cheaters was more or less growth, adult stuff, repeat with just enough dialogue to fit a story in between it all. It was like a Jason Statham movie of FMG; non-stop action from the beginning to the end without a page wasted in dialogue.

Compare that to DeNiro’s classic film Taxi Driver, where there is a large investment in the characters throughout the film and suddenly some action at the end of it, all which seems more intense than the high flying stunts seen in Crank 2: High Voltage in virtually every minute of the movie.

So therein lies the challenge – creating a comic that is both intruiging enough for the reader to stay engaged while giving them enough muscle growth (or whatever niche) so they dont get upset about the lack thereof during the comic.

As the title says, its all about the payoff..

Thoughts? all comments welcomed


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