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Interesting, when did you first get into FMG?

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Should we talk about psychology? This is a good time for anyone to use the comment section here to give their opinions as well.

So, a while ago we had a poll on the old version of the website (which you can also take here) and well try to slowly unpack some of these questions in here. The first good question here is this one below.

This is an interesting one, with a majority of people saying they did go through it in their more formative years. A simple google search online can lead to a lot of speculation as to why this happens, and we wont add to that speculation here.

From a production point of view, we get a lot of requests from people to recreate those scenes from our commissions page. Additionally, we also try to produce video content here on our YouTube page.

Often times people will say that they remember the first muscle growth clip they saw from a cartoon or something like that, but was that the cause of it, or something thats happened prior, which might now be buried?


7 thoughts on “Interesting, when did you first get into FMG?”

  1. well for me it was both totally spies clover and Alex both getting the fmg treatment and the original she hulk transformation from the 90’s holk cartoon

  2. i’d say I had an interest before maturity

    as to how it started, hard to say it wasn’t just ONE thing. Do like most, Totally Spies and She Hulk helped

  3. I distinctly remember the Johnny Bravo episode where Johnny goes on Vendela’s talk show and succeeds in pissing off guest author Jane Smoo, who reveals her giant muscles and goes crazy. That definitely started something.

  4. I wasn’t into muscle growth till later in puberty. But I did notice that I was always fascinated by strong women. Rogue, Tyris Flare, Tifa… I was too young to think about it sexually, but the fact they could kick ass just seemed to make them better than regular pretty ladies.

  5. I think at some level it’s biological. Many of us probably felt attraction to women who were bigger and stronger than us whilst we were still young, and just because we grow into adults doesn’t make those feelings go away. I remember reading about Native American cultures in which males as young as twelve could be married to adult women and start families that way.

    Also, based upon studies attraction to strength and muscle has apparently been documented to exist in both sexes without too much variation, so even if it’s considered to be socially undesirable in some cultures that doesn’t prove that it be unnatural in either sex! And it makes sense that even males would be attracted to fit females, even or especially hyper-muscular ones who are fitter than themselves. Such females are more likely to survive and probably have “good genes”.

    If the fetish is also in fact related to feelings of attraction, including sexual attraction, to teenage or adult females whilst we were still children, then there is probably also some subconscious sense that the females around us seem “underdeveloped” relative to how they used to seem to us, and those of us who don’t like that may start getting fantasies of them go through growth mimiccing a second puberty of sorts that lets them “catch up” to get as muscular and/or large as we think they ought to be relative to ourselves.

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