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From Worst to First 3

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From Worst to First 3 is now available to view for FREE!!

It’s Olga vs Elise, as the two strongest, most muscular girls in the world face off against each other! Olga may have invented the incredible female muscle growth formula that both of them have taken, but with how the last issue ended, does she stand a chance against Elise’s own special concoction?

And just what other powers does Elise have besides her incredible strength and muscles? We’re about to find out, as Massu’s epic W2F saga continues!

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Such POWER!!
Seems like I have to focus all my strength into this next punch and finish it!
There’s no way she’d dodge this punch in mid-air!
I can sacrifice accuracy and put it all into speed and POWER!!!

You call that a punch?
She didn’t just stop my punch but she-
Caught it!
What are you-?

Struggling to break free?
I bet your mind is racing right now!
Desperately calculating for a way to win…
Like the pathetic nerd you are!
You freed yourself!
such power!
Just kidding!

All that power focused into one point-
A punch that could shatter the skull and liquify brains
Now that the nerd trash is finished…
Time to deal with the original pieces of trash!
I should thank you girls for taking care of my team.
Now how can I crush eacg and every one of you-
That befits the kind of insects you are?

I know!
Let’s try these new powers on you!
My test subject insects!
What’s this?
Are these their power levels?
Hooh, an interesting new power!
I wonder what are the power levels of someone as amazing as I?

I am on top! I am amazing! Iam the most- POWERFUL!
Why is she just laughing over there?
No idea, But she just beat Olga!
It doesn’t matter!
Olga saved us before!
It’s our turn to save her!
If we fight for her together- we can beat her!

Let’s go!
I hope you’re ready to eat dirt Elyse!!
My punches aren’t landing?

While you all are just punching with your muscles-
I’ve combined both my muscles and my brain-
to surpass myself and become even stronger!!

She caught all of us in one go!
I can feel my power being sucked away!
Oh no!
She has the power to drain muscles like Olga!
I bet she can’t focus the drain power
all into a single point like this!

Elyse… I’m sorry!
That nerd! she defiled my lips that are only meant for you!
In that case…
I’ll just have to make them mine-
You did well holding them off Jess

And a kiss for you too Danielle!
Me too Elyse!
Of course Tara!
We can’t forget about you!
Now we’re back- stronger than ever.

Anyone else wants a piece of us?!
Clear the damn way!
Make way for your new queen – Elyse!

Why are we still going to school?
Surely there are better places to take over..? Like a bank?
That is true, Jess.
But I have a bigger plan…
Shower Room
I have prepared my own special mix based on the nerd’s power serum
I will introduce it to the school’s water supply-
And every woman that comes in contact with it will recieve it’s effects!
Swimming pool
What is this feeling?

Each and every one on campus I will then dominate into serving me-
-and I will have my army to start my world domination! Hehehe!

I – I Lost?
I’m lucky to be alive!
That last punch was strong enough to shake the earth!
Even from here I can feel Elyse’s evil intentions…
I have to stop her…
I never wanted to use this…
Because when I do – I will stop being human…
And there will be no turning back.

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