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Female Muscle Growth comic – Super Jessica Rabbit

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Jessica Rabbit, the famous character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is depicted here drinking a concoction called Judge Doom’s Toon Regenerator. What is that specifically? In the film, Judge Doom, the main villain created a formula that would kill toons instantly when touched by them.

In this scenario however, we have made quite the opposite – a potion that when consumed does quite the opposite. Watch in the 2 page, 15 panel comic how Jessica consumes the Toon Regenerator potion and becomes consumed with power. First, her already large breasts and butt burst out to amazingly large proportions. As the power begins to take over, it doesnt stop, and her stomach changes as her abs begin to tighten and firm up to a rock hard 6 pack.

From then, the female muscle growth process continues her legs build up as the Toon Regenerator pushes strength into her quads, giving her massive power on her bottom half. Than, it shoots up through her arms, giving her bulging biceps, transforming her into Super Jessica. Glowing with strength and power, flexing those big biceps as power is flowing through them.

What should Super Jessica do now? What would happen if she took another muscle growth drink, to her already super powered body?

When she drinks it, all the super powered cells get hit with the compound. The super powers mulitply an already super powered being, putting her through an untested, unknown stage. Her breasts blow up, not just double in size but more than that. She cant even contain herself as each cell is energized with power, multiplying the muscles as she grows absolutely huge.

She flexes a bicep, and the super tight outfit tears open as her biceps, full of energy and power tear open the super strong material. After all is done, she stands in the air flying, marveling at her super busty, super huge, super powerful physique. Should she take another??


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