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AI is getting scary (and scary good)

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Just a few months ago, every AI image I had seen was obviously AI and kind of cool, but seemed gimmicky, like when someone would look at a 3d movie and (wrongly) predict that would be the new norm.

In only a few months later, we have art like this. What about a few years?

So, whats to come of these things? Well, our staff artsits are like our family and we have no plans to stop anything. A lot of them seem quite bothered about it. Lets think about it some more. If generating art is easy, the diference maker is going to be our imagination – our ability to make an engaging story, to understand how to build up pages so that they have impact when theres a feat of strength or some growth.

It might be possible to generate a lot more content with AI working in tandem with the artist, which is where Im hoping it would go. All in all, I think its good news. We have a team of 4+ people that all have to work hard to get a single 20 page comic out in one month. If a machine can help a human get some of that work done, why not. It would allow us to focus on the important parts mentioned above more, which it cant do.

The other part that is interesting to think about will be the desinsitization that it will create upon the general audience. A piece like one of the above 20 years ago would be something that stuns the general femuscle audience and not something that comes around very often, yet nowadays its rather frequent and likely going to be so common in the future that it most might not get more than a split second of the audiences’ attention.

What this would do for GrowGetterComics is force us to have those memorable characters, engaging storylines and creative feats of strength and ways to display muscle as just having good art alone, wont cut it. I think we are up for the challenge.


1 thought on “AI is getting scary (and scary good)”

  1. Well, the problem with AI art is just that it takes from art on the internet, what it does is take from other art and runs it through all the filters that’s given to it. So the artist community is rather peeved about it.
    I’m glad that you seem to want to use it more for the smaller things like backgrounds at least. But AI art is rather controversial at the moment. So it might bring some bad publicity.
    Either way, I’d say keep it low. But that’s just me.

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