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Working with new artists, the process

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Here at GGC, we generally bring in a lot of new artists to the muscle scene, a few if any have ever come across our niche. This means that they might have a lot of skill in many other art styles, but they generally have no idea about our niches and the exxagerated styles we all prefer.

Here is an example of a first submission, form an artist that has been asked to study before submitting and I would say did a pretty good job. Want to see a lot of bad jobs? You can find some examples here

Not bad right? At first glance to the untrained eye this one might be good. There is an issue, in that many people can put together something decent, but its the really good ones that get remembered and our goal is to make art the best we possibly can, so lets look at the first change suggestion

Nice, so we made some suggestions to add more curves and push things out, lets see.

Better with the bigger bust and butt or not?

Now lets work on the arms a bit. When you look at them closely, do they look PERFECT or does something seem off. Again its the small changes that really matter here.

Okay so below is the artists first update, this piece isnt done and we are working in the style of massu’s Worst 2 First series here, so hopefully it turns out alright!


1 thought on “Working with new artists, the process”

  1. I liked the original one more honestly. xD The character’s final muscular form looks a tad more elegant in the original version. I think there is room for variety in physiques: not all growing female characters need to be as busty and curvy as possible, although I liked the suggestion of the thinning straps and the comparisons to real muscles.

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