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Welcome to our first interactive female muscle growth drive!

Here's a new concept for a muscle growth voting game, where the results are decided by YOU, the fans! Which of these four fan-favourite ladies would you like to see grow to be the most muscular? Scroll down, have fun and make your decisions at the end!

However, as we previously mentioned, this will be the first real-world test of our new B.I.C.E.P.S. technology; and we need your help! In order to ensure the best possible results, we need to test this system in every way possible, from general, blanket growth of anyone in the vicinity to more targeted growth of a single subject; and that’s where you come in!

Using the icons below, you can vote for the girl you’d most like to see grow bigger and more muscular! Once the votes have been counted and a winner declared, we’ll direct the B.I.C.E.P.S. system to pump the winning girl up!

But of course, true science demands replicating the results! So after the votes have been counted each week, we’ll go again! Which of these girls will grow and how big and strong will they get? That’s up to you to decide!

Who Should Grow?

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Black Cat

921 voted


1751 voted


312 voted


310 voted